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Book Fulfilment

Fulfilment for Print, Multi-volume Sets, Print-on-Demand and e-Books

Turpin provides global book fulfilment services, with warehouses in both the UK and US and customer service with UK, EU and US/EST time zone coverage, we are able to offer a complete solution with the highest levels of quality in book distribution.
We offer three secure finance solutions:

Banking direct to own bank accounts
• Own identity invoicing/own sales ledger 
• Uses your own Chart of Accounts. 
• Credit control is provided by experienced Turpin staff
• Cash collected passes directly to you. 
• Where multi-currency pricing is employed, exchange rates are set by you, not Turpin.

Banking to Turpin accounts
• Own identity invoicing/own sales ledger
• Credit control is provided by experienced Turpin staff
• You decide all policies, prices, discounts, currencies, etc.

Turpin Consolidated Sales Ledger
• Multiple publishers bank to a single ledger with invoices and payments received clearly identified as belonging to each publisher client. 
• More effective credit control through the strength of combined revenues
• Shared despatch cost savings
• Each publisher controls their own discounts, pricing, etc.
Standard features of our book fulfilment service include:

• Professional order-processing and friendly customer service from multilingual staff
• Full billing and cash collection services - invoices, credit notes and other documentation may be issued in French, German, Spanish and English, as required.
• Credit control is managed by phone, fax and e-mail, with the ability to e-mail copy invoices and statements to speed up the process of collection.
• We provide standing order plan management for book series, annual publications, plans, by themes or subjects which may be combined according to your policies.
• All dues and back orders are despatched next-day following receipt of stock.
• We can provide consignment, despatch and invoicing for Amazon Advantage and/or to sales agents worldwide.
• We operate publisher policies on returns.
• Our state-of-the-art warehouse management system enables you to control storage and despatch. We are able to locate/track every unit of your stock and follow an order through our business and warehouse systems into carriers' track and trace systems.
• Our comprehensive online reporting system enables sales to be monitored by imprint, product type, title/author, customer/territory, or subject - ideal for providing sales representatives with commission analysis, editors with sales feedback and production with stock management tools.

Book trade partners:
As a service to our mutual book trade partners, we can offer booksellers, wholesalers, library suppliers, internet sellers and other resellers the facility to extract copy invoices and credit notes directly from our web reporting systems, and because we operate separate sales ledgers for a number of our publisher clients, we can offer booksellers the option to view their statements across all our client publishers within one report.
Related trade functions:
• EDI invoices, credit notes and delivery notes for major booksellers.
• PubEasy and Nielsen’s Teleordering order feeds.
• Onix price and availability feeds to Bookdata and Bowker PubEasy (including multiple currencies and partial VAT information).
• We can import data from other distributors and sales agents in other territories into our reporting systems to provide global reporting.
• Monthly review meetings and telemarketing calls to key customers.

For sales, marketing, stock and finance reporting, we offer a powerful and flexible online system allowing publishers to manipulate and export their data as required.  At all times, all product, customer, sales and financial data belong to the publisher.  For more information on our reporting system please see Reporting.

For more information about our Book Fulfilment services or to demo our reporting system please contact Neil Castle or Robert Rooney

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