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Global Subscription Management, Local Customer Service

Turpin works with international publishers providing them with European and US back office services delivering an enhanced customer service and local support for non-domestic subscribers.  We provide global fulfilment and distribution and our systems utilise your rules and policies, including pricing, currencies, discounts, online access, claims and gracing periods.

We are a truly international organisation with customer service and order-processing in both the UK and USA, and we can provide you with a UK or US-based account manager.
All renewal notices and reminders are issued in your name, using your logo and your policies, to enhance your identity with your subscribers.  Our telephones are answered in your name.
We can issue subscribers' renewal notices in their own language with English, French, German and Spanish currently in use. Our customer service staff are multilingual, speaking English, French, German and Spanish to improve communication with your subscribers.

We collect access and authentication information, including IP addresses for transmission to your nominated online host.  We work with all the major hosting companies including Atypon, Highwire, Ingenta and Metapress, amongst others.  We can activate subscriber’s access in real time to enhance your customer’s experience.
Our systems allow you to price in $USD, €Euro and/or £GBP but receive your reports and remittance in your preferred home currency.
We work with all the major subscription and sales agents including:
• EBSCO and Swets global offices.
• Harrassowitz, DEA and Licosa in Europe.
• Maruzen, USACO and Kinokuniya in Japan.
• Karger US and EU.
• DA Books in Australia
• Globe, Global and Allied in India.
We also work with Lindeboom, UNO Verlag, Renouf, Jean De Lannoy, Mundi Prensa, Livraria, Bernan, and TSO.

We can apply EU VAT regulations regarding print and online sales if you are VAT registered.

We provide online reporting of all of your subscription data allowing you to monitor and analyse your business in our systems.  At all times, all data regarding subscribers and their subscriptions remains your property, and your data may be manipulated, viewed on screen or exported to merge back to your own circulation management database


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