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Turpin provides one of the most powerful and extensive reporting tools available to publishers. Access to all the data about your customers, products and sales is vitally important for you to manage your business, and with Turpin, all that data belongs to you.  Our intuitive online system provides you with complete access to all aspects of your data at all times.

Features of the reporting site allow:
• Publishers to manipulate and analyse their own data held within our systems.
• Secure online access with daily updates.
• Reports viewed on screen or exported to Excel, CSV, Word or PDF.
• A selection of pre-structured reports for common queries
• Full customisation of reports enabling you to examine and export broad or very specific data for auditing, particular queries and presentations.
• A fully flexible system where you can analyse data by day, month or year with comparative month/year data.
• A three-year history facility - current and two previous years' data as standard.
• A full search function – using either specific identifiers or wild card searches for customers and products.
• Publishers to drill down to invoice/renewal specifics and we provide a link function to acquire a copy of the original document generated in print or sent via EDI.
The following types of data are available within our reporting site - this is not a complete list as the site is incredibly flexible to allow you to acquire exactly what you need, when you want it, in the amount of detail you want.

• Sales by Title - How many, prices, purchaser, sales peaks and troughs, campaign codes, bestsellers by quantity and value, by country or geographic region.
• Customer Details - What they bought, how, when, despatch address, price and payment method.
• Stock Management Information - How much has been used, how much is left, reprints, stock out on consignment, how many returns.
• Financial Management - How much, when, currencies used, payment types, billing types, outstanding amounts, held orders, credit accounts, proforma's/bill me customers who have not converted to a firm order.
• Book sales information – by imprint, product type, title, author, customer, territory, or subject.
• Subscription information – by title, bundle, customer, country/region, price, subscription type, subscription year, renewal date, renewal status, agent, payment and revenue, marketing codes and much more.

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