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Loose-leaf Publications

Turpin has unparalleled experience in the management of loose-leaf publications looking after over 60 loose-leaf titles.  We offer two management options – the subscription model and the standing order model for both print and online publications.

Features of both models include:
• Publishers can select a printing and/or online hosting partner, work with traditional printers, or use a print-on-demand service of your choice.
• Order generation automatically triggers Print on Demand and FTP files for online access activation. You may select to use automatically triggered Print on Demand just for late orders.
• Our stock management and reporting covers book blocks, binders, tabs and published supplements. We hold hard copy masters in our library to enable page photocopying to satisfy replacement requests.
• We provide fulfilment and complete reporting for online content, CD-ROMs, USB keys/memory sticks and DVDs sold as standalone products or in conjunction with printed publications.
• All dues for main works and supplements are recorded.

Specifically for the standing order model:
• We can raise separate credit or pro-forma/bill-me invoices for each supplement as it is published.
• Prices may be varied from supplement to supplement.
• Publishers can allow customers to purchase only the main work with no supplements – allowing for multiple pricing options across the supplements and years of publication.

Specifically for the subscription model:
• Renewal and reminder notices are dispatched according to your preferred timetable.
• We can accommodate calendar year and “any time start” (rolling) renewals and manage replacement copies and catch-up/back starts.

For further information about our subscription management services including those for online products please see Subscription Management and Fulfilment.

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