Turpin Distribution

Turpin Digital provides a 360 degree service delivering global fulfilment solutions

We are very pleased to announce that we have opened ordering through our new warehouse on July 18th as planned. The majority of fast moving titles have been relocated and we will run the old and new warehouses in parallel while the remaining stock is transferred.

Turpin Distribution has been providing publishers with professional international fulfilment and distribution services for over 40 years.

We provide a bespoke range of services for books, journals and online products to over 50 international scholarly, academic and professional publishers, including learned societies. Our services comprise:

  • Global fulfilment and distribution
  • UK and US offices with multilingual customer care advisors
  • Order and renewals processing
  • Billing and account collection
  • Comprehensive warehouse services with global distribution for books and journals
  • Online ordering – you can order books and journals and renew existing subscriptions online by registering today on Turpin Distribution’s eCommerce site - ebiz.turpin-distribution.com
  • Extensive online sales reporting with data manipulation for analysis and customer management

Turpin can accommodate various business models and pricing policies, enabling publishers to retain control of their products; develop collections; set multiple pricing options; use a variety of routes to market; and manage their customers successfully.

For detailed information about the services we provide publishers please see For Publishers.

For information about our customer service, journal prices, to renew subscriptions or change your address in our systems, please see Customer Services.

For Terms and Conditions of Supply please see Terms.

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